Rolex Giraglia, a regatta born of friendship

On 13 June, after a year's absence, the 68th edition of the Mediterranean’s premier sailing competition is finally back.

Rolex Giraglia, a regatta born of friendship

The year was 1952. The Second World War had just ended and the world needed to be rebuilt. There was only one way to do this: friendship. Between people, certainly, but also between nations. And so it was that, during a dinner in a Paris bistro on a cold December evening, Beppe Croce, President of the Yacht Club Italiano, and René Levainville, President of the Yacht Club de France, warmed up the atmosphere with a breath of summer. Together, they planned the future, a future so close that it would come to life just six months later: the Giraglia Cup, a regatta that, through the values that only sport can teach, aimed to re-establish the old bonds of brotherhood between two nations who, at the time, were divided not only by the Alps, but by the much higher mountain of a war fought on opposite sides. 

In 1953, this attempt was finally successful, and the first Giraglia Cup got underway. This was admittedly a first, timid step, but it was followed by another, more decisive one, and then another. Year after year, the twenty-two yachts of the first regatta multiplied exponentially, leading the regatta to acquire, in 1998, a sponsor of the calibre of Rolex.
Rolex Giraglia, a regatta born of friendship

Over time, the itineraries have changed and the number of participants has risen, but the increasingly popular regatta has always had two fixed points: the passage past the island of Giraglia, north of Corsica, and the union of two similar peoples, finally reunited thanks to their passion for sailing. The only setback suffered by this now prestigious competition occurred last year, in a 2020 that brought the whole world to a standstill but did not stop it from moving forward. Today, the Giraglia Cup, which is reserved for IRC-ORC boats, can finally pick up where it left off, by kicking off a 68th edition that is even more exciting due to the forced stop. 

As the boats once again take to the water in this year’s Giraglia Cup, Slam is participating in the event organised by the Yacht Club Italiano of Genoa, in collaboration with the Yacht Club di Sanremo and the Societé Nautique de Saint-Tropez, as the technical sponsor. 

In order to celebrate this prestigious occasion, Slam has specially customised a selection of garments and articles with the official competition logo . First of all, the outerwear: the crown jewels of Slam's seasonal collection, the E08, the New Noto and the E25 are three classic, dynamic and contemporary jackets capable of protecting against the elements in any situation, at sea or in the city. Breathable, waterproof and windproof, they keep the body protected and dry. The first two also have heat-sealed stitching, a process in which tape is applied hot over the stitching to prevent water from penetrating through the micro-holes typical of classic seams.

And that's not all: the official competition garments also include the Inwood 2.1, a water-repellent, breathable and windproof sports vest, highly appreciated by those looking for a nautical garment that protects while leaving complete freedom of movement during performance. 

The polo shirts and t-shirts selected, specifically the Paterson 2.1 Polo Shirt and the C141 T-Shirt , also offer state-of-the-art technological solutions: while the former offers effective protection from UV rays, the latter has Cool Touch technology, for a cool touch on the skin even during very intense activities and optimal absorption of perspiration. Both garments are also bacteriostatic, for improved hygiene and quick and easy maintenance. Lastly, for anyone looking for a more casual garment, the Lecanto T-Shirt in 100% pre-washed cotton with an ad hoc print on the chest and the official Giraglia logo shield on the right sleeve.

Among the accessories most commonly used by sailors, Slam offers a bag, a baseball cap and a belt. As the symbol of a sporty style that also stands out in everyday life, the A238 bag is the ideal all-round accessory for any time and any activity, thanks to its spacious compartment, its sturdiness and the water-repellent fabric that protects it from waves and water splashes. Also instantly recognisable is the Promo Evolution Cap, a baseball cap that brings the sailing tradition to mind, with its practical cord with clip to attach it to a t-shirt, keeping it firmly in place even in windy weather. Last but not least, there is the ring belt, personalised with the Giraglia logo shield, which also obviously appears on the bag and on the front of the cap.

As we have seen, each of these articles celebrates not just a prestigious competition or a general passion for sailing, but the true values of sport and friendship, values that are capable of reconciling fractures between people and nations and reminding us that we are made to challenge each other, but on a race course and not on a battlefield. 
Rolex Giraglia, a regatta born of friendship