Merino Base Layers

Explore our Merino Wool Base Layers Collection, perfect for keeping you warm and dry in any condition. Lightweight and comfortable, our base layers are ideal for every sailor.

Thermal Comfort and Versatility

Our Merino Wool Base Layers combine the natural thermoregulating ability of Merino wool with the practicality of recycled polyester. The result is a technical apparel that keeps you warm in the cold and cool under the sun. The perfect regular fit and breathable properties support you both at sea and during your onshore excursions.

Durability and Sustainability

With the Active Merino T-Shirt, you're guaranteed a durable and environmentally friendly garment. The carefully integrated Merino wool in our fabrics not only offers gentle warmth but also quick drying, essential for those who love an active lifestyle. Additionally, our commitment to recycled materials reflects SLAM's dedication to sustainability.

Design and Functionality

A product designed for the modern adventurer. Whether you're looking for a lightweight, stretchy first layer under your foul weather gear or an elegant T-shirt for everyday activities, you'll find an ally in our collection. Our discreet yet distinctive Merino label symbolizes high quality and attention to detail.