Insulated Jackets

SLAM's insulated jackets are essential for every sailor aiming for excellence. With ergonomic designs and cutting-edge materials, they offer superior protection and freedom of movement, essential in every marine environment.

Technology and Innovation

Our insulated jackets are the culmination of innovation in the textile industry, using materials like 100% recycled 2Layer fabric and TPU Maxaliento membrane. This combination not only ensures waterproofness and breathability but also optimal thermal comfort, indispensable in various sea climate conditions.

Comfort and Practicality

Designed for maximum comfort, these jackets feature characteristics like adjustable and wrap-around hoods, double internal lycra cuffs, and waterproof pockets. Attention to detail ensures that these jackets are not only functional but also comfortable for a wide range of activities at sea.

Safety and Protection

Safety is our priority. Therefore, the jackets include features such as fabrics that shield from electromagnetic waves and reflective details for increased visibility. These insulated jackets are a fundamental ally for every sailor, offering protection and safety during every journey."