Sailing Gloves

SLAM’s selection of sailing gloves merges technology and comfort to support sailors in every maneuver. Experience optimal protection and peak performance under any condition.

Sailing Gloves: Technology and Comfort

Sail securely with SLAM sailing gloves, essential for those facing drifts or winches. The Pro Long Finger glove, with full fingers except for the index, provides a firm grip and reliable support. Built to last, with a palm that ensures exceptional grip and a back made of elastic and breathable fabric, these gloves are the ideal ally for every sailor.

Protection and Adaptability

SLAM sailing gloves are designed for those seeking the perfect balance between protection and freedom of movement. The Pro Short Finger glove, with short fingers, allows for greater dexterity without sacrificing protection. With a neoprene wrist and double velcro closure, they offer a customizable fit and comfort that only SLAM can guarantee.

Comfort and High Performance

Each model is designed to be highly breathable, ensuring quick drying and unprecedented comfort. SLAM sailing gloves are created to enhance your performance and make every sea experience unforgettable.