Sport Skorts

Embrace the fusion of style and practicality with SLAM sailing skorts. Designed for the dynamic woman, these skorts offer a balance of feminine aesthetics and athletic functionality, ideal for diverse adventures.

Style and Performance Combined

Our sailing skorts, specifically crafted for active women, encapsulate the essence of agility and elegance. The Active Woman's Techno Skirt, made from lightweight, water-repellent nylon stretch fabric, includes a built-in jersey short for comfort and mobility. This piece is perfect for those who value a feminine look without compromising on practicality.

Adaptability for Every Adventure

These skorts are designed to support a range of activities, from sailing expeditions to casual city strolls. Their quick-drying feature and wrinkle resistance make them a travel-friendly option, ensuring you stay stylish and comfortable wherever your journey takes you.

Commitment to Sustainability

Aligning with SLAM's dedication to sustainability, our sport skorts represent a blend of environmental responsibility and innovative design. By choosing these skorts, you are not only opting for a fashionable and functional outfit but also contributing to a more sustainable approach in the world of fashion.