Nautical Sweaters

SLAM sweaters represent the essence of maritime and nautical style: elegant, comfortable, each piece reflects the unique style of sea lovers.

Warmth and Style at Sea

Our jumpers are ideal for facing the sea with elegance and comfort. The Boann Jumper, for example, is perfect for those seeking a modern and distinctive style. The Erse Jumper, on the other hand, with its two-colored geometric weave, offers a bolder option while maintaining maximum comfort.

Versatility and Sustainability

Our jumpers exemplify sustainability and versatility. Made from sustainably sourced cotton and merino wool, they offer the highest quality while respecting the environment. Their versatility makes them ideal for both formal occasions and for relaxing by the sea.

Comfort Meets Tradition

The Rudra Jumper and the Ws Jumper Llyr are the expression of a renewed maritime tradition. The mix of organic cotton and extra-fine merino wool ensures warmth and softness, while the contemporary design details emphasise a unique and distinctive character. These garments are the perfect choice for anyone looking for more than just a jumper: a symbol of belonging to the sailing world.