Kids' Sailing Jackets

Our Kids sailing jackets are the symbol of joyful and safe marine adventures. Designed for young explorers, they combine style, comfort, and protection, essential for their first navigations.

Innovation and Safety for Young Sailors

The Kid Jr Sailing Jacket is a miniaturized version of the classic sailing jacket, ideal for youth competitive teams and formal occasions on land. Waterproof, breathable, and with a hidden hood, it provides young athletes with protection and style both at sea and in school.

Style and Versatility for Every Adventure

The Kid Sailing Jacket is an iconic waterproof and windproof jacket. With its Taslon nylon fabric and a mesh lining for increased breathability, this jacket is perfect not only for sailing but also for land activities, keeping young sailors warm and dry at all times.

Comfort and Protection in Every Condition

Designed for the various needs of young sea explorers, our jackets offer maximum comfort and protection. From sailing in variable weather conditions to everyday life, each jacket is designed to ensure safety and style for the future champions of sailing.