Dressing in layers: the perfect solution for carefree sailing

Discover how our innovations enhance our clothing’s performance


Boating always requires clothing that can adapt quickly to changeable weather conditions. This is why dressing in layers is essential for those who like to go out on a boat. It can only take an instant for the sea to take you out of your comfort zone and into an uncomfortable situation: an increase in wind or a change in activity can affect your general well-being, which can impact your performance.  


A layered clothing system will help you adapt easily to these changes. This is why at SLAM we have developed a range of items that responds to this very need, adopting the highest performing technological solutions for every situation.  

A - Base Layer: Skin Comfort  

The base layer is the sailor's second skin, a barrier designed to keep temperature and comfort in check, without sacrificing mobility. SLAM has chosen to implement the most cutting-edgetextile innovations to ensure that every athlete can feel comfortable in every condition. We have adopted high-tech solutions, such as Dryarn® microfibre, renowned for its lightness and water-repellent, breathable and bacteriostatic properties. All of these items are designed for an environment like the sea, in which conditions can change drastically from one moment to the next, leaving the skin warm and dry, even when the wind and humidity put the endurance of even the most experienced sailors to the test. 

B - Middle Layer: Balanced Warmth in Every Situation 

The middle layer is our heat-regulating powerhouse. Here at SLAM, we focus on materials that can retain heat when needed and dissipate it quickly during intense activity, all while ensuring maximum freedom of movement at the same time.

One such material is Graphene, capable of evenly distributing heat and preventing excessive warmth or cold, something crucially important when often immersed in water. Our Polartec® Alpha® pads are the ultimate expression of modern thermal innovation, designed for the athlete who faces sudden changes in temperature - a constant issue for any sailor. These are the ideal protection against changing winds and tacking. 

Middle layers can also be sweatshirts and fleeces, for which we use grid fleece, a material that includes a honeycomb structure inside the garment, which transports air more quickly. Body moisture is wicked away, quickly drying the fabric. Controlling heat and humidity is essential when on board and, for example, you are often alternating moments of intense activity and more static breaks.

C - Protective Layer: Defence Against the Elements  

The protective layer (or outer layer) is your bulwark against the elements. At SLAM, we have developed clothing that not only shields you against the wind and rain, but also allows the body to 'breathe'.

Our choice of four-layered fabrics with a DERMIZAX membrane ensures uncompromising performance, ensuring waterproof protection and breathability even on the longest crossings. And our attention to detail, such as heat-taped seams and laminated zips, is a prefect expression of SLAM's commitment to providing only the best for those who experience the sea every day. When it comes to clothing tailored to those who spend hours, even days, at sea, we have adopted a four-layer fabric solution (double finish, a microporous laminate and a non-porous coating) in Nylon with a DERMIZAX membrane, which offers extremely high performance; Waterproof (30,000mm) and breathable 8000gr/sqm/24h. 


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