Sailing Boat Bags

Discover our range of sailing boat bags, the perfect ally for your every maritime adventure. Durability, style, and practicality merge in our unique designs, crafted for every type of navigator.

Sailing Boat Bags: Companions of Adventure

Sail with confidence with our sailing boat bags, designed to maximize comfort and functionality. Whether you're preparing for a weekend regatta or a training session, the WR Backpack is your ideal partner. With its water-repellent technical fabric and removable PC case, faces any weather conditions with an indomitable spirit.

Design and Durability at Your Service

Each product in our line has been thought for sea adventurers and those who, even on vacation, do not give up on quality. The WR Duffle Bag, available in various sizes, is the epitome of capacity and resistance. Its versatility makes it essential both on board and ashore, protecting your personal belongings and accompanying you on your most intense days.

Unmistakable Style in Every Detail

For enthusiasts who see sailing as a lifestyle, our sailing boat bags are an expression of functional elegance. From the accurate design of our classic Sailor Bag to the practicality of the Duffle Bag XS for your smaller accessories, every detail is cared for to ensure you navigate in SLAM style.