An exhilarating

An exhilarating <br>Millevele<br> 2022

Genoa, 24 September. Under a grey and threatening sky, the hundreds of boats registered for the Millevele, the Genoa sailing race organised by the Yacht Club Italiano, left their moorings to head towards the starting line, with the race scheduled to start at 11 a.m. The extremely poor weather conditions, with south-easterly seas, heavy rain and sustained winds, which reached gusts of 25 knots, meant that the race was very fast and made complex by the steep waves. This year's event was thrilling and exciting: lots of boats, brave sailors and well-prepared crews.

The FREE AT LAST, a 95-foot Maxi Yacht with Marco Piana, VAM Investments CEO, at the helm, and Enrico Chieffi, SLAM CEO, as the tactician, which was participating in the Millevele for the first time, took 2nd place in the Group A maxi yachts, a great performance considering the very challenging weather conditions.   The clothing was, as always, crucial in facing the prohibitive conditions: Marco and Enrico tested first-hand the PRO RACING JACKET and PRO RACING LONGJOHN oilskins, which are made of cutting-edge materials that guarantee performance and protection even in the most extreme conditions. 

The LEON PANCALDO, an 18-meter ketch completely refurbished by SLAM, transformed from a wreck into a school ship, is used for various activities with different purposes  There are educational activities for students at nautical institutes, aimed at introducing young people to sailing, teaching them how to sail in all seasons and, above all, about the importance of respecting the marine environment and the codes of conduct to adopt in order to preserve its fragile ecosystem, the latter in collaboration with the Association for the Protection of the Mediterranean | Menkab   Sailing therapy activities are coordinated by the Barattolo ODV voluntary association of Varazze, part of the "Redancia" Group, and by Dr. Roberto Carrozzino, Director of the Mental Health Department of the ASL2 local health authority. These activities are aimed at patients suffering from adult and adolescent psychiatric disorders, with a program that advocates the benefit of sailing in restoring well-being and in reintegrating people with mental and physical disabilities into their own social context.