Sea-ty Peacoat,
nautical style
comes to town

Peacoat D17, the first garment in the new Slam capsule,
combines class and technology

Sea-ty Peacoat,<br>nautical style<br>comes to town

Ever since its inception, the peacoat has immediately identified its wearer as a sailor. This particular overcoat made its début in the nineteenth century, when it was adopted by the British Royal Navy for lengthy expeditions to latitudes where the climate was particularly harsh.

The double-breasted front, broad lapels and liftable collar are the outstanding and stylish features that made it famous. There have been countless variations over the decades, starting with the length, but its distinguishing features have remained virtually the same.

Today, no one is better placed than Slam to claim the same nautical origins and to reinterpret this iconic coat with authority. The Peacoat D17 is one of the iconic and exclusive garments in Slam’s new SEA-TY capsule collection and is the perfect combination of style and state-of-the-art technology that only constant contact with the sea can offer.

The outer material is 80/20 wool treated with stain-resistant Teflon, which ensures it is highly water-repellent. The snug double-breasted cut and fake horn buttons, which are manufactured in recycled material, are a stylish reminder of the original peacoat.
The more technological part of the garment
is hidden inside

However, the more technological part of the garment is hidden inside: this is where you will find a removable waistcoat padded in graphene, a highly thermo-regulating material. As slim as a carbon atom and as hard-wearing as diamond, this state-of-the-art material is warm and long-lasting, but still incredibly lightweight.

The waistcoat is manufactured in Ultralight Nylon and, accompanied by the adjustable and detachable hood with visor in the same material, gives the coat shimmering reflections that contribute to its outstanding personality. In contrast, the undercollar in High Visibility nylon is inspired by the classic waxed jacket.

The customized stylish details are what makes the coat even more distinctive: the iconic Slam trademark is present on both the left sleeve and the hood, as testimony both of its wearer’s love of the sea and Slam’s vocation for sailing and also a guarantee of the absolute technological quality and timeless class of all the garments of the brand.