Ad hoc collections for companies: ideal for gifts and events


"The logo is the spirit of each company. It is not only what represents the company itself, but also what the company is"

Ad hoc collections for companies: ideal for gifts and events

The Slam CORPORATE department addresses companies that need personalised articles to be distributed to their clients or employees for special events or celebrations.
The garments are already in stock, thereby making it possible for the Company to meet even urgent and unexpected Marketing needs.
The personalisation of the garments, through different embroidery and printing techniques, can be done very quickly, guaranteeing rapid delivery times.

Slam also offers the possibility for its direct clients to create their own collections and have them produced ad hoc.
The personalisation of the garments, in these cases, is total: The Client can select the fabrics, Pantone colours, fit, technical level and many other details.

The CORPORATE department guarantees a high degree of service, assisting the Client through all the phases of the order.
Our Key Account Managers are, in fact, available to present the samples directly at the Client’s location.
On the base of the choices made, the graphic preview of the garments with the customizations requested, including the embroidery and printing of the logos, will be created and sent for approval.
Finally, shipments may be subdivided into multiple deliveries upon request, and may also be delivered, if necessary, directly to the location of the event in any part of the world.


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