Sun Protection Base Layers

Explore the SLAM range of sun protection base layers. Designed for sailing enthusiasts, these base layers offer UV protection, quick drying, and a snug, comfortable fit. Perfect for those seeking performance and style at sea.

Protection and Performance at Sea

SLAM's sun protection base layers are the perfect ally for every sailor. With UPF 50+, these base layers ensure optimal protection from the sun's rays, even on the most intense days. The Pro Lycra Top Long Sleeve, with its high elastomer content, guarantees exceptional adherence and comfort. The ergonomic design and compressive fabric provide support without limiting movement, ideal for those practicing sailing in dinghies or on foil.

Aesthetics and Functionality Converge

Every detail of our base layers is designed to maximize both aesthetics and functionality. The turtleneck of the Pro Lycra Top Long Sleeve effectively protects the back of the neck from sunburn. The special weave and non-slip elastic ensure a perfect fit, keeping the garment in place even in the most challenging conditions. These features make our base layers ideal not only for sailing but also for other water activities and in the gym.

Freedom of Movement and Lasting Comfort

Our commitment to innovation is reflected in the Pro Lycra Tights, which combine protection, comfort, and freedom of movement. The ergonomic structure and lightweight fabric behind the knees ensure flexibility and comfort, especially in the most stressed areas. The non-slip elastics and silicone bands keep the garment stable, offering optimal protection from water splashes and waves, allowing sailors to focus on their performance without compromise.