Shell Jackets

SLAM's lightweight warm jacket combine functionality and style to meet every marine need. Perfect for competitions, explorations, and active lifestyles, they offer unparalleled performance.

Technology and Performance for the Next Generation of Sailors

We offer lightweight warm jacket with advanced technology to maximize sea performance. Focusing on technical details and high-quality materials, these jackets are designed to conquer every challenge.

Exploration and Adventure for Horizon Explorers

Our shell jackets are ideal for discovering new horizons. Combined with comfort for long-distance travel, these jackets are perfect for creating unforgettable experiences.
Style and Versatility for Non-Practicing Enthusiasts and Vacationers: Our shell jackets offer an ideal mix of style and versatility. Designed for a fashionable look, they are ideal both at sea and for everyday life.

Competition and Performance for Competitors

Competitors find in our shell jackets the ideal partner for performance. Designed for competition, they emphasize technical excellence and exceptional performance.