Protective Layers

SLAM's protective layers are the forefront of marine protection. Designed to withstand wind and water, these outer layers offer comfort and freedom of movement, essential for sailing in all weather conditions. Whether for competition or adventure, they are your reliable shield.

Innovation and Protection as the Third Layer

SLAM protective layers are waterproof, windproof, and equipped with technical membranes for optimal breathability. These garments, with heat-sealed seams and laminated zips, provide complete protection, keeping the body dry and comfortable, whether at sea or on urban adventures.

Adaptability and Versatility

The sea requires clothing that can adapt to changing conditions. SLAM Top-Layers, with their ability to adapt to different environments, become the ideal companion for every type of sailor. From competition to cruising, each garment is designed to offer maximum performance without sacrificing style or comfort.

A Complete Clothing System

The SLAM collection offers everything you need to dress in layers, a complete clothing system designed to tackle any weather challenge. This versatility makes SLAM protective layers an essential investment for any sailing and adventure enthusiast, providing protection and style in every situation.