Base Layers

Discover our SLAM Base-Layer garments: that first layer ensuring a unique and high technical performance experience. Designed to maximize comfort and breathability, they are perfect for any condition, both at sea and on land.

Innovation and Comfort at the First Layer

SLAM's Base Layers are the essence of sailing apparel. Designed for direct skin contact, they provide unparalleled comfort, ensuring breathability and lightness. Ideal for professional sailors and adventure enthusiasts, they prevent bacterial proliferation and allergies, ensuring a safe and enjoyable navigation.

Adaptability for Every Condition

Created to adapt to every scenario, from warm and humid to cold and dry climates, our Base Layers are versatile for every type of navigation. They offer the perfect solution to optimize your clothing according to the temperature and usage.

Style and Performance in Harmony

With SLAM, style and functionality meet. Our Base Layers are not just for sailing; they are also ideal for sports and outdoor activities. With over 1,000 possible combinations, SLAM guarantees the best product for every need, combining technical excellence with an attractive design.