Boating jackets:
technical, sporty and casual

Boating jackets:<br> technical, sporty and casual

Boating jackets: technical, sporty, and casual

There is nothing more relaxing than spending days at sea. Whether it's a weekend out a competitive regatta or a training session, the range of Slam boating jackets will not disappoint you! The perfect way to enjoy an experience at sea, even when the weather is not entirely favorable, is to choose a boating jacket from our collections: we have several proposals, ideal for those looking for guaranteed breathability and light fabrics, garments that are both comfortable and at sea and for a city trip in rigorous nautical style, for the most passionate. In this article we have 3 suggestions, the first two are boat racing jacket models, purely designed to face challenges at sea, while the last model can also be chosen for casual clothing in perfect nautical style.


WIN-D 3 Costal Spray boating jackets

The WIN-D 3 Costal Spray boating jackets are made of mechanical stretch fabric, which involves the application of the new Toray 2.75L technology with 3D printing, as protection of the outer membrane. The waterproofing of these thermo boat jackets is the result of in-depth research and tests carried out in synergy with the athletes; this water repellent treatment is particularly advanced because it increases its effectiveness over time.

It is an extremely breathable, stretch, and windproof product, a very useful specification for the use of the jacket in the sea: the maintenance of body heat is guaranteed and consequently the wearer can avoid annoying changes in temperature.


WIN-D 1 Sailing Spray boating jackets

WIN-D 1 Sailing Spray is a technical boating jacket in ripstop strech fabric. Olympic athletes choose it for the 2L processing which makes it extremely suitable for performance at sea, to face daily regattas and drifts. The soft PU part, at the wrists and neck, is adjustable, as is the neoprene bottom.

This boat jacket is breathable and waterproof; a special treatment with water-repellent substances or through hydrophilic membranes makes the fabric capable of stopping the passage of liquids.

Win-D 1 boating jackets

The Win-D 1 boating jacket in 2L stretch ripstop fabric, waxed, is perfect for daily racing, but it is also a great jacket to use in the city if you love the nautical style.

What makes it perfect for both boat trips and urban exploration is its highly breathable and waterproof feature, thanks to the presence of a hydrophilic membrane and the application of a final water-repellent treatment. The inside of this boating jacket is designed to improve breathability: it is lined with an internal mesh for the body and a light nylon layer for the sleeves. The use of this garment on a boat is perfectly suited for the ability of the fabric of which it is made to wipe away the sweat produced by physical activity towards the outside, for greater comfort. A windproof and waterproof flap is present on the front and the two visible hinges are water-repellent.