How to equip your sailboat bag and backpack

How to equip your sailboat bag and backpack

The importance of a specifically equipped sailboat bag or backpack for maximum functionality

When it comes time to "pack your bags" for a sailing holiday, it is important to choose the most functional type of bag. A backpack or sailing bag is the best option, as they can be easily folded and stored away when not in use, compared to a trolley. Packing light is also important for a boat trip, so only take essential items with you. A well-equipped sailboat bag or backpack should contain, in addition to clothing, also safety equipment, such as ropes, carabiners and torches. And if you plan to spend time ashore, don't forget to pack more casual clothing in your sailing backpack. In this article, we suggest how to distribute all the essentials in your sailboat bag or backpack.


Equipping a sailboat bag or backpack: what clothes to bring?

Slam sailing bags and backpacks are equipped with numerous compartments and pockets, so you can easily organize all your sailing equipment and clothing. Plus, they're made from waterproof materials, so you don't have to worry about your belongings getting wet. Here is a list of essential clothing to include in your sailing bag or backpack; consider spare parts depending on the travel days.


Strategically equip a sailboat bag or backpack

If you are preparing for a sailing trip, it is important to have your sailing duffel bag or backpack organized in such a way that all essential items are close at hand. Here's what to put in each compartment or pocket:

  • Main compartment:

On the bottom of the backpack it is advisable to store the spare clothes; this is the equipment you will need to access less frequently than other objects and accessories. Furthermore, even if compressed, they do not risk being damaged. The only precaution concerns the way in which they are stored inside the backpack to avoid annoying creases as much as possible. Putting spare clothing on the bottom is strategic because it allows you to absorb weight and shocks, thus repairing the objects in the surrounding compartments.

The space above the spare clothing can be dedicated to additional clothing: sweatshirts, jackets, rainwear and anything that can be reused when needed.

In the space between the replacement clothing and the additional clothing, you can store particularly delicate items, such as technological accessories such as cameras and action cameras. Here they will be protected from shocks.

Considering that you will be wearing your sailing shoes when traveling, you will need to include flip-flops or sandals in your sailing backpack or duffel bag. These can also be stowed on top of replacement clothing.

  • Front pocket:

    it is an ideal place to store items that need quick access, such as safety equipment (ropes and carabiners, flashlight, etc…)

  • Top pocket:

    the perfect place for smaller items, which are in danger of breaking if compressed. Medicines can also be stored here, as long as they are adequately insulated from sources of excessive heat.

  • Compartments and external pockets:

    are ideal for storing snacks, water bottles, sunscreen, and insect repellent. In general, it is a good idea to store objects containing liquids in the outdoor spaces, to prevent them from turning over and dirtying the clothing inside the main compartment of the backpack or bag.


In general, it is always good to divide the clothes inside bags, which are also useful for the linen used.

It is always useful to inquire if sheets and pillowcases are included in the cabin of the sailing boat where you will be guests; otherwise, you will need to include these in your equipment or, alternatively, a special sleeping bag.

We also recommend that you bring an extra small sailboat backpack with you, to be used in your explorations on land.

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