Women's Sailing Shoes

SLAM women's sailing shoes embody the pinnacle of functionality and style. With non-slip soles and a refined design, they are ideal both at sea and ashore.

Women's Sailing Shoes: Technique and Style

Each pair of SLAM sailing shoes holds a promise of quality and comfort. Made to withstand marine elements and to provide support where needed, these shoes are a blend of craftsmanship and innovation. The white sole, designed to leave no marks and offer grip, is perfect for sailing with confidence or walking on the dock.

Timeless Design

Our unisex style, with leather laces and greased leather, fits the seafaring life and every woman's needs, with an eye on nautical fashion. The Boat Shoes embody a timeless design, ideal for those seeking versatile footwear that expresses itself in action as well as in contemplation.

A Step Forward

With SLAM sailing shoes, each step speaks of an adventure lived and stories yet to be written. Wear them to feel part of a world where style and performance sail together, ready to accompany you towards new horizons.