Sailing Shoes and Accessories

Explore our exclusive selection of SLAM's shoes and sailing accessories, ideal for those seeking functionality and style. Each piece reflects innovation and quality.

Maximum Performance

When it comes to sailing, the choice of the right shoes and accessories can make the difference for an extraordinary sailing experience. SLAM sailing shoes are carefully designed to offer optimal performance, ensuring grip, comfort and resistance to the most extreme marine conditions. In addition to shoes, our range of accessories includes gloves, hats and bags, all designed to meet the specific needs of professional and amateur sailors.

Tackle the Waves with Safety and Style

Safety at sea is paramount and wearing the right shoes and accessories can contribute significantly to safe and efficient sailing. SLAM sailing shoes are equipped with non-slip soles and breathable materials that ensure perfect grip on wet decks and proper ventilation for the feet. Accessories such as non-slip gloves and protective hats provide additional safety and comfort while sailing, allowing you to fully concentrate on sailing and the challenges of the sea.

Experience and Innovation for sailors

With over thirty years of experience in the sailing industry, SLAM is synonymous with quality, reliability and innovation. Every product in our range of shoes and accessories is the result of careful research and development, with the aim of meeting the needs of the most demanding sailors. We are constantly researching new technologies and materials to improve the performance of our products and ensure an unparalleled sailing experience. Choose SLAM to join our community of passionate sailors and experience unforgettable adventures at sea.