Men's Sailing Shoes

Explore the perfect fusion of style and functionality with our men's sailing shoes. Each pair, hand-stitched for maximum comfort and durability, is the ideal ally for sea and nautical enthusiasts.

Tradition and Innovation

Our sailing shoes are the result of a long-standing artisan tradition combined with technological innovation. Hand-stitched, they offer unparalleled comfort and a durability that only genuine greased leather can provide. With a specially designed non-slip sole for boat decks, every step is safe and stable, both at sea and on land.

Timeless Comfort

The versatility of the Boat Shoes makes them perfect not only for nautical use but also for complementing everyday life. The leather laces, coupled with rust-resistant lace rings, express uncompromising quality and attention to detail that only SLAM can guarantee. Choosing our shoes means choosing a piece of sea history to wear every day.

Design and Versatility

Designed for those who live the sea with passion and do not want to give up style. Whether you are on board or on the dock, you will embody the nautical spirit on every occasion. Let yourself be inspired by their uniqueness and add a touch of class to your adventurous look.