Women's Sailing Jackets

Our women's sailing jackets embody the essence of modern navigation. Combining elegance and functionality, they ensure protection and comfort with a unique style, essential for every sea adventure.

Innovative Technology for the Modern Sailor

Our Active WS Hooded Insulated Jacket is the perfect ally for both a race and a walk on cooler days. With 2Layer fabric and thermoregulating padding, it provides complete protection from cold and moisture, ensuring essential waterproofness and breathability at sea.

Elegance and Practicality for Every Occasion

The Active WS Graphene Jacket, thermal and windproof, perfectly adapts as either a single or intermediate layer. Its lightness and graphene technology ensure perfect thermoregulation, making it ideal for every season and setting, both at sea and on land.

Versatility for All Conditions

From the Deck Ws Summer Short Jacket, ideal for summer, to the Summer Sailing Ws Jacket, a classic for all seasons, our jackets offer versatility and style. Each model is designed to meet the diverse needs of sailors, always ensuring comfort and protection.