Slam Dream Team, the new logo and the new collection

With the ambitious goal ofrepresentingthe excellence of sailing clothing in the world, theSlam Dream Teamwas born.


With the ambitious goal of representing the excellence of sailing clothing in the world, the Slam Dream Team was born; this is a real "team" committed to ensuring the best possible experience for anyone who chooses one of our garments, technical or sportswear. Athletes and sailing champions of all ages have been chosen as real partners in a path of comparison, research and innovation on Slam technical clothing. They will be the ones to test the garments to make sure they meet the high standards set.

It is with this in mind that the new collection was presented at last month's event, hosted at the Museum of Science and Technology in Milan. "Slam is back" is not only the official kick-off of the event, but it represents the philosophy that we at Slam have set ourselves: regaining the position of the leading brand, both nationally and internationally in the sportswear sector.

Slam Dream Team: what it is and how it is composed

The Dream Team champions have the task of spreading awareness of the path that has characterized each product, up to the cataloguing. 

The experience of this extraordinary team, selected to work side by side with us, will be appreciated by the customers in general, who will see the athletes as protagonists of numerous campaigns that aim to raise awareness not only of quality but also of the values of all the products of the new collection.


Here is the formation of the Slam Dream Team, made up of professional athletes, who train intensely every day to be competitive and achieve great results:

  • Ruggero Tita and Caterina Banti - Olympic Champions in Tokyo 2020 Nacra 17 class; 
  • Marco Gradoni and Alessandra Dubbini - World Champions Class 470 mixed 2021; 
  • Mattia Camboni - silver medal at the 2021 RSX World Championship; 
  • Matteo Iachino - World Champion Slalom PWA 2016; 
  • Federico Alan Pilloni - Junior Windsurfer World Champion 2021; 
  • Sofia Renna - iQFOIL 2021 Youth Slalom World Champion; 
  • Nicolò Renna - iQFOIL 2022 European Championship silver medal; 
  • Jacopo Renna - 2nd cl. European Slalom Championship U.17 iQFOIL 2014; 
  • Davide Di Maria - 2.4 World Champion Para World Sailing 2019; 
  • Furio Benussi - for the MAXI 100 'ARCA SGR, recent winner of the Tre Golfi regatta in Naples and the 151 Miglia 
  • Mauro Pelaschier - with a great experience at sea, is now also engaged as Ambassador of the One Ocean Foundation. 
  • Tommaso Chieffi - 27 times world champion in various classes, a 360 ° career in sailing with participations in Ocean Race and America's Cup 
  • Andrea Totis and Alice Linussi - team performance FIV class 470 mixed. 

The 2022 news, in addition to the Slam Dream Team   

More than 200 guests attended our "Slam is back" event, at the Museum of Science and Technology in Milan, where we officially presented, in addition to the Dream Team and the new collection of technical and sports clothing, the partners and ambassadors of the company. 

The event was also an opportunity to make explicit and manifest the objectives and values that guide us, first of all, the support of young talents and the development of products that allow athletes to give their best. 

During "Slam is back" the future of Slam was unveiled, which from a historic clothing brand founded in 1979 in Genoa is now an acquisition by the Italian holding VAM Investments, controlled by Francesco Trapani and led by Marco Piana. To them, we owe the appointment as CEO to Enrico Chieffi, who is also an investor. 

The new Slam 2022 logo, a reinterpretation of the historical version 

For the occasion, our logo also changes its design, inspired by the sporting lines of the historic brand created in 1979. What better occasion to present it? During the event, the full and sharp shapes of the new logo were unveiled, taken from the first historical version, but which see the letters tilt 15 degrees to the right to create a modern look full of propulsion. This design is projected as a bow towards the future, symbolizing Slam's commitment to innovation and progress. The new logo will help to consolidate the identity that characterizes us in the minds of consumers and communicate our values of quality, performance and style. 

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