7 outfit per affrontare il mare perfettamente attrezzati, dalla testa ai piedi

7 outfit per affrontare il mare perfettamente attrezzati, dalla testa ai piedi

4 unstoppable sports looks for 4 types of weather


Or to fully enjoy any getaway…

Although between the waves it is essentially more complicated (!), going against the current is usually a good attitude in life and success when it comes to going on vacation at the end of the summer, with even more enthusiasm, fewer people, warm waters and somewhat mild temperatures. But knowing how to pack the right outfit for the expected weather conditions at your destination can literally save your trip. There are technical properties that are essential for sportswear to be good (we explained it in detail in this previous article) but some of those are particularly relevant in cold weather clothing, wet weather clothing, dry weather clothing or warm weather clothing.

To help you, below we have created 4 looks to face the natural elements with well-being and style.


1- The best clothes for cold weather

We propose two outfits that won’t disappoint you down and that will protect you keeping you warm.

First, check out this avant-garde jacket with graphene padding and high thermal properties. It is waterproof and has a foldable hood in high visibility neon fabric helpful during the night. With that jacket on, any adventure will be yours, fearing nothing and even more so by adding these technical pants to the bottom. Both garments dry very quickly, thanks to their respective fabric and design.

If you prefer a very light and ergonomic thermal shirt, this long-sleeved shirt could become your favourite. Made with NILIT®® Heat yarn, it is thermoregulatory as well as antibacterial and matches these 3/4 pants, also seamless.


2- The best clothes for wet weather

If you find challenging isolating yourself from the rain but also from the humidity of your own body, we recommend this short-sleeved polo shirt. Its innovative 3D Polartec® polyester knit honeycomb construction plus various added treatments ensure optimal breathability and thermoregulation. Reducing the condensation of sweat and being in addition quick-drying, it provides unmatched comfort.

You can combine it with these ultra-light, water-repellent and windproof technical pants; it won't let the slightest drop of water or the slightest puff of humid air pass through even at speed and it will adapt to many of your activities.

To conclude with this look, we can see nothing better than these technical shoes that are easily put on, protect the foot against possible impacts and offer optimal grip on slippery surfaces (without leaving marks, a real blessing for this day of the tour that you want to get on. a boat).


3- The best clothes for dry weather

In this case: the lighter and more natural, the better.

With this 100% linen long-sleeved shirt and these soft cotton twill cargo shorts, you will look like a king both at the YC bar and at sea if this is the plan. They will look great with some great Navy style classics like these bi-coloured boat shoes with laces, nubuck leather upper and rubber sole.


4- The best clothes to avoid suffering from the heat 

To keep your body at a good temperature, you will have to wear light and protective clothing as well. Take this innovative Nilit Breeze yarn T-shirt - that is, elastic, fresh and resistant - together with these beautiful shorts in elastic technical nylon and elastane that are very comfortable, waterproof and windproof. Both outfits have received an anti-UV treatment, a real detail; and not to leave your head unprotected either, you can opt for this accessory cap.

Now you can leave with all the peace of mind in the world.

You already know which clothes are best for hot, cold, humid or dry weather. Whatever your plans are, you will get the best out of those, we have no doubt. Whether you are headed to the sea, the forest or the mountains, you can fully enjoy relaxation!