Interview to Toni Massanet 2021

Interview to Toni Massanet 2021

« Hi, Toni!
Nice to meet you!

- Just to start and to get to know you better, how would you evaluate your relationship with the sea and with your passion? Where does it come from? What's your story?

The relationship I have with the sea is that of lifelong friends. Whatever happens, it is always there and you can disconnect from the rest of the world when you are together. My hobby was born thanks to my parents who are passionate about the nautical world and regattas. I started at the age of 5 in the Club Nautico Colonia de Sant Pere, the club of the village I come from, in the bay of Alcúdia in Mallorca. Then the adventure continued at the Real Club Náutico de Palma in the Optimist, 420 and Moth classes, where I managed to add great titles to the roster of this great club.


- Recently, you left the sailing, to begin with the flying class. Congratulations on this new bet! What were your motivations? And what are your goals now?

My motivations were the desire to learn foiling and prove to myself that I can sail any boat. Now, my most immediate goal is the Moth World Championship on Lake Garda this year, hoping to give my best, 100% of my abilities.


- Tell us something about your specific experience, what does it feel like at the Moth, what feelings or emotions does it give you?

The Moth is a very evolutionary and very complete class. The feeling of flying conveys maximum freedom and acceleration, which is very difficult to experience on conventional boats. The first time I went sailing on the Moth I hit 25 knots and my boat broke in half. Instead of being afraid, I was very happy because it was the first time I was going at 25 knots on a sailboat. It is a boat in which we use the principle of flying hours: for each hour that you "fly with the boat" you must spend at least another hour of groundwork for the next session. It's very interesting.


- What kind of equipment do you have onboard and why do you choose it?

Having worn almost all the brands on the market, my choice is to wear Slam clothing for its ergonomics, elasticity, comfort, safety and aerodynamics.


- Once ashore, do you like wearing nautical fashion? What is your everyday outfit?

Yes, I actually really like nautical clothing! I prioritize comfort but without losing style. I use Slam collections in my daily look, in all its forms, both in sport and casual mode.


- If you had to choose THE "ideal" men's fashion set, what would it be?

For me, it would be a tracksuit and a sweatshirt. Maximum comfort!


- To close this interview, one last essential question… Do you have any nautical dreams?!

My nautical dream, the one I have had since I was a child when I was sailing in Optimist, is to sail around the world.

Thanks a lot, Toni. Now we know better your roots, your projects, your desires... and even your trendy look. We wish you the best in everything and see you soon!»