How to choose sailing shoes Slam models

How to choose sailing shoes Slam models

How to choose sailing shoes: Slam models and characteristics

When it comes to choosing sailing shoes, there are many different factors to consider in order to find the perfect model. One of the most important aspects concerns the materials with which the shoes are produced and the type of sole used. Sailboat shoes are typically made of leather, polyester, nylon and elastane, in combination with technologically advanced materials, capable of guaranteeing perfect adherence to the surface and breathability; an example is Vibram WAVEGRIP, a material that Slam uses for the sole of the WIN-D Technical Shoe model. Our leather shoes for sailing are generally loafers: they are very soft, and tend to require more care and maintenance than other options.

Another important consideration when choosing the best sailing shoes for you is the shoe model. There are many different styles of sailing boat shoes, so it is important to take some time to evaluate the model that best suits your needs. Are you looking for shoes for a relaxing sailing holiday? Or will your new sailing shoes accompany you on an adventure at the sea?

The Slam catalogue offers you lots of models: women's and men's sailing shoes for different needs, guaranteeing you a choice of style and comfort.

Slam sale moccasin sailing

Known as one of the most distinctive and iconic accessories in the nautical world, moccasin shoes for sailing are a must-have for any marine adventurer. These soft shoes are the perfect choice for anyone who wants to face their days in style. With a durable yet flexible design the Slam sailing shoes moccasins models are perfect for both exploring and relaxing, offering the highest level of comfort and support, keeping your feet protected even on the slippery ground. Slam moccasins are a highly requested model and a guarantee of comfort because they provide good support, thanks to the EVA and LEATHER insole and excellent grip (thanks to the non-slip sole) as well as being ideal sailing shoes for those who prefer the nautical style. They are very practical to put on and easy to take off. In our catalog you will find different models in leather and nubuck leather, very resistant and well made; these shoes guarantee perfect adherence to the surface, thanks to the white rubber sole with lamellar tread studied in detail to be non-slip, and at the same time they are extremely light to fit.

Slam technical and waterproof sailing shoes

You know that feeling, during a beautiful summer day of navigation: you want to enjoy that wonderful sense of freedom given by the foot that touches the deck, of the sail. However, it is always important to remember that boats always require the proper footwear. Technical sailing shoes are designed to provide grip on slippery surfaces, as well as protect your feet from potential injury. They allow you to move, work and have fun both on the boat and while practicing various water sports. In this paragraph we will discover the fundamental characteristics that a technical sailing shoe must guarantee and the advantages given by choosing Slam shoes.

Performance sailing shoes - the requirements of a good model

Quality technical sailing shoes are designed to provide comfort and stability during use. The main feature that this type of shoes must have is the non-slip, resistant and wide sole, in such a way as to evenly distribute the weight of the wearer. Good internal padding is essential to help protect your feet from impact elements. The resistance to salt water is fundamental when choosing technical sailing shoes; sea water can quickly damage standard shoes, so it is important to make sure that the technical sailing shoes chosen can withstand external environmental elements. Another important feature to look for is breathability, to prevent bacteria and fungi. Most technical sailing shoes also have a removable insole, allowing you to customize the fit of the shoe and add extra cushioning if needed. In our catalog you will find different models, able to guarantee maximum comfort and resistance, always with great attention to style.

The technology of Slam sailing shoes: technical models

Slam develops technical sailing shoes by choosing only advanced materials; an example is Vibram® WAVEGRIP, a rubber compound with a soft and flexible consistency, which can easily adhere to smooth surfaces of gelcoat, stainless steel and wet teak without compromising use on the ground or the durability of the sole. This material offers the best possible grip on wet and slippery marine surfaces.

WIN-Ds are models of Slam's performance sailing shoes which use the advanced technology of the Vibram® sole: it provides sailors with optimal grip on wet and slippery surfaces; this makes WIN-D shoes ideal for use in any sailing situation, whether racing or cruising. The shoes are extremely comfortable, with a durable construction for many seasons to come. Whether you are a competitive sailor or you just want to enjoy the sea on the weekend, the WIN-Ds are a great choice for your next pair of shoes for sailing. They allow you to keep your feet protected from shocks and at the same time guarantee optimal drainage in humid conditions: thanks to a sole made up of several crossed drainage holes, they allow water to drain quickly.

Explore our catalogue to stay updated on the latest models of sailing shoes for men and women from the Slam selection!