FIV Technical Partner

Slam is the official supplier and technical sponsorof the Italian Sailing Federation


Rome, 26 OCTOBER

Less than three months from the presentation of the new corporate structure, with EnricoChieffias the CEO, Slam has been awarded the contract for the supply of the technical clothing of the Italian Sailing Federation.

FIV Technical Partner

 The history of Slam is closely linked to the Italian Sailing Federation. The brand, which was created in 1979, made its début at the Moscow Olympics in 1980, with the first product, a zipped fleece called Mickey Bear, highly innovative for the time and worn by Dodo Gorla and Alfio Peraboni, winners of the bronze medal in the Star class.

Slam returned to the stage once again in 2000, as the official supplier of the Italian Sailing Federation, and shared the success of the Italian athletes and the gold medal of Alessandra Sensini in the windsurfing at the Sydney Games.

“This result is the starting point for us –said the CEO of Slam, Enrico Chieffi, at the press conference – we will be working alongside the Italian Sailing Federation for the next three years, offering the athletes of the national teams all our skills, understanding their needs and providing them with customized products. I will be working on this project personally, safe in the knowledge that I have a team of professionals and 40 years of experience of Slam in manufacturing materials and creating high-quality technical sailing clothing. I have had the good fortune to grow in this sport with the FIV at my side and contributing to making our teams increasingly competitive has also been an honor, on a personal level as well. Our support will be marked by excellence and added value. We will do our utmost to achieve this. SLAM has dressed the Olympic sailing teams in the past, with champions such as Alessandra Sensini, Dodo Gorla, and AlfioPeraboni, to name just a few, and we intend for our return to this role to be more successful than ever".

And in the words of Francesco Ettorre, President of the FIV:

“This is a particularly intense moment for our Federation, as we embark on a new, four-year journey towards the Paris Olympics in 2024, which we hope will consolidate the achievements of our sport. I want to thank those who have accompanied us to this point and I am pleased to present Slam here today, who will be working alongside us in this enterprise, which promises to be full of innovations and a desire for growth. The paths of the FIV and Slam, a prestigious brand in the high-quality technical sailing clothing sector, are crossing once again. Both of us have changed profoundly in terms of our structure, our goals, and our approach to sport, which is precisely why we are proof that anyone who loves the sea knows how to adapt and to find the right solution to the winds of change. I am certain that this new adventure together will be highly satisfying!"

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