Two iconic nautical
items of casual fashion

Two iconic nautical<br>items of casual fashion
I. Nautical footwear

A revolutionary invention 
It is already 85 years old, just like a tireless, timeless grandmother or a Proust cupcake. It is a hybrid item of footwear, inspired by both native American moccasins and the lifestyle of civil North American society. The original was created by Paul Sperry, an American tycoon who, when slipping in his leather shoes on the deck of a boat, chose to replicate the little furrows seen beneath his dog’s feet (the dog's name was, of course, very fittingly “Prince”, just like our nautical Slam!). The first model of all had a black sole - which clearly left marks on the boat - giving way to the unmistakeably famous white rubber used today. 
Practical but emblematic shoes 
In the 1930s, it conquered the US Navy and then the Kennedys, who were real sailing enthusiasts. However, it was in the 1980s that it really became famous, when the influential “The Official Preppy Handbook” raised it to the status of symbol of elegance of the east coast and when Dennis Conner won the America’s Cup for the United States of America, modelling them. Thus our nautical style became legendary. 
Since then, they have become such an essential, iconic item that their creator has chosen to celebrate 40 years of “Jaws” with a limited edition. Very pop culture indeed! 
So what now? 
The classic nautical shoe gives any (or almost any) look a very current touch of the informal retro (Kate Middleton never gets it wrong!). It is the very essence of casual chic but it also has its own personality and comes into its own as a subtle counterpoint. The latest trend in fashion and lifestyle, given the fluidity of styles, is perfect. What is more natural for a shoe of legendary flexibility(!) 
Whether man or woman, your boat shoes will go perfectly with a shirt (something fitted to show of men's physiques or perhaps a “boyfriend XL” for women if wishing to follow rumbo fashion) and cotton trousers, rolled at the ankle. Or with bermuda shorts, just above the knee, another mixed seasonal hit on the catwalks.
II. The sailor’s jacket

The sailor’s jacket is THE protective coat par excellence. It is warm, water-resistant and functionally “technical”, protecting the nape with its wide lapel, the abdomen with the double buttons to close, according to wind direction, hands in chest pockets. No one has any doubts in this respect. However, if we talk about its history, then that is where the controversy begins and sources diverge. 
A military, but widespread origin 
It may have been brought into Europe in the 15th century, by Spanish sailors or perhaps designed by the British Royal Navy in the 18th century. What we do know, is that it was adopted officially by most of our western navies in the 19th century, including the US navy, which kept it as its official uniform right through to the late 1990s. Its international name may have come from the Dutch “Pijjekker” (meaning “thick wool”), giving rise to “pea-jacket” and later “pea-coat” in English, or it could have been the natural evolution of the English P-Jacket (with “P” standing for pilot).  
Whatever and however it came about, the jacket entered civil life as soon as sailors could wear it, removing the military buttons. 
The birth of an icon 
Starting from the 1960s, it began inspiring fashion and the famous
Yves Saint Laurent opened up the doors to its women's wardrobe to it before creating a fragrance in its name in French: “Caban”. A great many other haut couture maisons followed, from Burberry to Smalto and Jean-Paul Gauthier. 
Later, with cinema (Robert Redford, Daniel Craig/James Bond), music (Gainsbourg, Liam Gallagher) and comics (with Captain Haddock or Corto Maltese), it became iconic.  
So what now? 
Today, it is used by both sexes, a masterpiece of casual men’s and women’s fashion alike. Perhaps because it is an eternal incarnation of adventure. 
It is versatile, comfortable and always chic. Its original navy blue colour facing forwards, together with the rest of the uniform and now perfectly combined with some chino trousersand a jersey or a simple shirt underneath.  
Simple, elegant and effective; ultimately unstoppable.