The route of legality

Slam and New Sardinia Sail, together, to help young people find the right route

The route of legality
"It's my passion, and they're part of my life!"

Sailing is his passion, and his boys are his mates on an extraordinary adventure. New Sardinia Sail is an amateur sailing association also concerned with social issues, based in Cagliari (Sardinia) and supported by the technical sponsorship of Slam. The association grew from the commitment, determination and passion of Simone Camba, with the purpose of spreading knowledge about the sea and sailing whilst helping young people in difficulty to reintegrate into society and the world of work.

New Sardinia Sail collaborates with the Court of First Instance of Cagliari to bring young people with criminal records into the association. They are offered a miracle by Simone: he is the one who works every day to convert his love of the sea into real help. And he does so by turning to highly professional individuals who use sport as a means for social reintegration, helping the kids to grow and improve while undergoing training which is both professional and personal in order to enter the employment market. Simone and his association have turned dozens of youngsters into skippers, divers and seafaring professionals.

"Seeing one of my lads working in the shipyard is one of the greatest satisfactions in my life. Yes, this is why I do it, to see them enjoy another chance!"
For him, these youngsters are special and his affection for them outweighs all the difficulties involved, along with his wish to put them back on the right track to the point before they lost their way, finding the right route together out at sea.
The route of legality
New Sardinia Sail also does everything possible to help underage and unaccompanied immigrants, so that those who have faced death at sea can now look at the same waters with peace of mind. New Sardinia Sail has set itself many goals and, with Slam working alongside, faces a 2019 full of hard work and, hopefully, satisfactions. Because the smile of a youngster who has rediscovered a sense of peace is indeed a huge satisfaction. As great as the sea.

“We will put many youngsters back on the route of legality”.

Thanks, Simone.