A new collection
that perfectly
reflects spring 2021

A new collection<br>that perfectly<br>reflects spring 2021<br>trends

3 male looks to start the season in the best way

Are you also looking forward to enjoying this spring?

Here it is finally. Mild air, sun, nature, a persistent feeling of freedom...just what we need. Men's spring-summer 2021 fashion becomes light in spirit and fabrics, daring, playful and cheerful to guide the season. For once, it challenges prejudice and encourages questioning of boundaries. The new Slam collection wonderfully interprets these 2021 spring trends. This collection is always at the forefront in terms of design and technology: it pays tribute to the aesthetic canons of the seafaring tradition, both at the moment of departure and to navigate the slopes of everyday life in an urban context.

Below you will find 3 very different looks we have selected for you, featuring spring dresses and accessories.


1- Wear high-quality streetwear!

This jacket is a great classic that accompanies many generations and provides THE right streetwear touch you are looking for, even more in the bright colours version like the powerful red, which turns out to be one of the trends of spring 2021. Also, it is made of a laminated structure of 2 overlapping layers of fabric; it is waterproof, breathable and windproof, super protective against water and air... which are never lacking at this time of year. It will be perfectly worn with comfortable and light Sailind sunglasses, with a minimalist and elegant design, with coloured mirrored lenses.


2- Choose a formal look without sacrificing style!

Made of a linen and cotton blend, this fresh and light shirt is a simple but sophisticated spring clothing item. With long sleeves and a mandarin collar, you can buy it in the colours of the sea and the sky, white and in different shades of blue, to imagine yourself flying away from any business meeting, real or virtual (!).

Combined with these stretch cotton poplin cargo pants it will look great. This model elegantly reinterprets the classic work trousers of the first sailors, the most glamorous workwear, as we told you in a previous article.


3- Hit the mark with a nautical look, casual chic by nature!

With the best Navy style, there is no danger. It certainly has something magical... because it adapts, remaining faithful to its characteristics. It is always in tune with trends and, in this case, with men's fashion for spring 2021.

This fleece sweatshirt is printed with a nautical motif on the back, has a zip and a large central pocket. It is characterized by a modern design and is practical but, beware... it also has a soul of its own: it is 100% made of organic cotton, GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard) certified. Combining it with this soft short-sleeved crew neck T-shirt, made of this same cotton, you can simply be beautiful and eco-responsible…. What else?

For the upper part of your outfit, we recommend these cargo shorts, the real success of spring wear during the last few seasons. It is a very versatile, soft and sporty garment in stretch cotton. You can wear them with nautical leather loafers like the classics, mythical with rubber sole and greased leather laces. These iconic shoes are over 85 years old, have legendary versatility and a lot of personality. They're made in retro style and yet look very current. You can find them in the most inspirational looks of celebrities.

Either way, whatever your gang of friends, whatever your desire to explore and try out a new look, here it is. With these garments, you will not only follow spring 2021 fashion with style, but you will also be trendy. It's all yours!