Superyacht clothing specialist


“The crew is the soul of every yacht, the garments represents its character”

Superyacht clothing specialist

The Slam CREW collection was designed for the crew that wants to personalise their uniforms to make it unique and perfectly recognisable.
This continuative collection, already in stock, allows the Skipper to order again the same articles in the same colours, making it possible to maintain the selected uniform over time.

The personalisation of the garments, through different embroidery and printing techniques, can be done very quickly, guaranteeing rapid delivery times anywhere in the world.

The department dedicated to CREW &CORPORATE guarantees a high degree of service, strictly following the Skipper and his crew through all the phases of the order.
Our Key Account Managers are, in fact, available to present the samples, meeting with the crew directly on board.
On the basis of the Skipper’s choices, the graphic preview of the garments with the customizations requested, including the embroidery and printing of the logos, will be created and sent for approval.


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