Spring Summer 2020 collection, ready for everything at sea

Slam is continuing to develop and improve the I AM concept for the campaign to launch the new summer lines.

Spring Summer 2020 collection, ready for everything at sea

Loving the sea means being ambitious, indomitable and a winner. Most of all, it means being alive. The Slam 2019 winter campaign was centred on communication of a concept heavily focused on two simple words, extremely simply but highly assertive: I AM. This is the purest essence for those who live for today in their love of the sea, who seize the moment whatever the weather, in any conditions and with any forecast. The true DNA of Slam.

Once the foundations of the new communication strategy had been laid, Slam decided to develop the initial concept in a manner as natural as it is charismatic: I AM READY.

When it had defined the essence of the brand, Slam did precisely what it does with its products: focus on a single aspect, explore it and take it further. The sea is at the core of everything Slam does, so I AM READY is what anyone who chooses the brand’s clothing can claim: ready for the unexpected, the challenge, the adrenaline and, in the end, for themselves, without ever fearing their ambitions, but pursuing them boldly.

For shooting of the new 2020 Spring/Summer collection, Slam chose two professional yachtsmen, with whom it has been collaborating for some time on development of the technical lines: Matteo Puppo and Matteo Capurro, together with Ilaria Paternoster, helm of the j70 YCI team, and two promising young sailors in the 470 mixed class, Andrea Totis and Alice Linussi, who will be making their Olympic début in Paris in 2024. This is because Slam wants its values to be communicated by people who truly have the sea in their hearts and in their minds, focusing on the experience and authenticity of those who experience it first hand.

This is why the locations chosen for the new campaign are the Yacht Club de Monaco, with which Slam has had a solid partnership for many years, and the Italian Yacht Club,

the oldest in the Mediterranean: there is, in fact, no better place to present the Slam lines than where they are actually tested, chosen and worn by yachtsmen and yachtswomen in every category and at every level.
Each photograph shows an action being taken and a decisive and strong-willed athletic move, the gesture of someone who is ready for the sea. Because when the sea calls, the only answer is: I AM READY.

Spring Summer 2020 collection, ready for everything at sea