Sportswear for running, biking, and weightlifting in the park

Running, biking or lifting weights in the park, yes but... Never without the right sportswear!

3 men's looks with running wear, cycling wear and gym wear for outdoor activities.

Sportswear for running, biking, and weightlifting in the park

In spring, everything wakes up, nature and our desire to go out and exercise in the open air. Whether you prefer to exercise your legs alone, on two wheels or with tools, it’s all the same, for your training you need the best. This is important not only to look fantastic but also to achieve better results, to preserve your body, its well-being during the activity, and its recovery afterward. It is said that, in life, size doesn't matter… but in this particular case the quality, the cut, the fabric, and the associated technology make a big difference.

So that you can confirm it, we have selected 3 looks to present you with running clothing, cycling clothing and clothing for the outdoor gym.

1 - The look for running without worries

To go for a run - intense or light in jogging mode - and fully enjoy any environmental condition, we recommend this Short Jacket. Made with an ultralight fabric, it is waterproof, breathable, and windproof, perfect for facing the change of season.

It matches with this soft short-sleeved polo shirt or with this jogging t-shirt, both in technical nylon piqué, offering UV protection and long-lasting freshness.

And for the bottom, pair it with running trousers like these. In stretch technical fabric, windproof and water-repellent, they transform into shorts and will undoubtedly be your best ally in the most unpredictable climatic situations.

2 - The look to give everything, by bike

The velocipede is called "little queen" in other lands, but with this sportswear for cycling, you are the one going to be the king.

This lightweight, technical nylon and elastane jacket is windproof, water repellent, and dries fast. It protects you during the day, from rain and sun rays, but also at night thanks to reflective inserts and neon details.

As cycling pants, we suggest these Bermuda shorts that are lightweight, highly protective (waterproof, windproof, etc.), and comfortable thanks to the fabric and elasticated details.

3 - The look to replicate the best gym exercises outdoor

Parks, squares, woods, and beaches have become your favorite places to train like in a gym? We have imagined the perfect set for you.

These are 3 super comfortable garments, in GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard) certified organic cotton knit, with a soft touch and a very modern design. Wearing this full-zip fleece hoodie, this cool crew neck short sleeve gym t-shirt, and these outdoor gym pants, you can practice your favorite sport with pleasure, style, and even eco-responsibility.

Hang on! These running, cycling and outdoor gym clothing are so well designed to accompany you in physical exertion that by wearing them you can feel as powerful as a sports superhero and surpass yourself like never before!