Rebranding Slam, the brand for sailing enthusiasts

Creation and development of the new Slam logo and colour palette: the love for the sea is immediately visible.

Rebranding Slam, the brand for sailing enthusiasts

After a long voyage, it is time to return to port and take stock of ourselves and our identity: this is the only way to discover that we have changed, sometimes to the point of no longer recognising ourselves.

In 2015, thirty-six years after it came into being, it was time for Slam to take a look around and rediscover the values that first led it to set sail for the high seas. Was its love of the sea still as strong? It certainly was. Was it still clear to anyone buying Slam clothing? Were the trials, technology and tenacity at its origins still obvious as well? Maybe not.

Total rebranding was necessary, including the logo. This led to the partnership with Stockholm Design Lab, a Swedish firm with an international portfolio of clients. Before starting the project, Slam invited the team to Genoa, to give them a chance to experience the spirit of its home town and soak up its colours.

Surprisingly, the SDL artists chose more opaque and metallic shades over brighter colours, the colours of a stormy sea, where a great performance is needed to win. The new Slam colour palette was the result of this combative, competitive and adventurous spirit.

Various attempts were made for the logo, seeking something the successfully combined the silhouette of the wind in the sail, the nautical flags and the shape of the race course itself, so well-known to the yachtsmen and yachtswomen. The new logo was not supposed to just represent the wind, but to be it.

It is the synergy between these elements that has resulted in Spin. A dynamic and highly sophisticated symbol of identity, capable of resounding in the minds of sea lovers everywhere. A symbol as fleeting as the wind, but as solid as its effects. It is also three-dimensional, if taken up by a gust of wind. Through this symbol, Slam has rediscovered itself and restored its strength, and is ready to take to the high seas once again.
Rebranding Slam, the brand for sailing enthusiasts