Date: 18/09/2018

Orienteering in the back streets of Genoa.

Genoa: proud, dominant and also secretive!

Have you ever tried losing yourselves in the back streets of a city with a history that’s bigger that itself? Proud, dominant and also secretive, Genoa has hidden corners that very few know about, and that sometimes includes the Genoese!

In collaboration with Outdoor Portofino, SLAM organized an orienteering event in the alleys of Genoa. The participants were invited to discover something about a city that is extraordinary and difficult to describe.

Basic maps, questions to be answered, places to be tracked down. Orienteering goes outside the box and "forces" us to find something new in all things, whether it’s an alley, a square, a fountain. Orienteering is more than a discipline, it's a moment of aggregation, a way of discovering or rediscovering a territory with different eyes. When we ask participants to find hidden places, we’re also asking them to meet the people who live there every day. Getting help from the locals is a way of interacting and getting to know Genoa as only the Genoese know it.
Orienteering in the back streets of Genoa.
Orienteering in the back streets of Genoa.
This discipline is not a competition, it is a challenge composed of revelations, one step after another. The prize is the pleasure of discovering a city that is magical, captivating and enchanting.

Orienteering in the back streets of Genoa was exciting also for us - and we’ve known this city for ever! Each time it’s a challenge, each time it’s a surprise.

Piazza dell’Olivella, Campo Pisano, Spianata Castelletto.... Genoa has thousands of faces: a unique square, an alleyway that ends who knows where?, a pavement made of small cobbles, each one with a story to tell. Like the one of small white stones: we discovered it together with our participants.

Here, where Slam was born and raised, you can smell the sea from every corner. Genoa is love at first sight, but when you venture deeper into its territory, you begin to love it even more. Slam would not exist without Genoa. We owe it a lot and it continues to show us its weather-beaten face, a filigree of history that spans centuries.

But orienteering alone is not enough. To discover it all, a lot more would be needed. In any event, you can never get lost in Genoa: just follow the aroma of the sea!

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