New Noto
& Lugger
The perfect combination.

Those who like to brave the sea know only too well that sailing conditions can be very diverse, depending on the season and weather. Sailing on a calm as opposed to a rough sea, in the sun or rain, with strong or gentle winds are very different experiences and it is therefore essential to ensure you have the best possible equipment to guarantee proper protection, whatever the situation. 

New Noto<br>& Lugger<br>Jackets.<br>The perfect combination.

Agility, protection and heat regulation are the key to successful performance and these are precisely the specifications on which Slam focuses, offering clothing that can satisfy all needs.

The New Noto Jacket is a perfect example, waxed of nautical inspiration, it offers breathability, protection from the wind and waterproofing, making for maximum comfort, even in the most demanding conditions. It is a strategic item, perfect when wind, cold air or rain comes into play. And, thanks to its versatility, it is perfect not only for heading out on a boat but also for everyday around town.

The ultra-light, padded Lugger jacket flaunting a simple, yet classy design, has different specifications, allowing for the maintenance of a correct body temperature without limiting freedom of movement. Even the warmest days, in fact, can have considerable temperature changes, during which the climate can change in just a few hours: this is why an item like this is the perfect solution to protect yourself with a warm, but not cumbersome, layer.

And indeed, it is precisely taking these continuous climate changes into account that Slam has committed to designing products that work both individually and combined with others. The characteristic of the Lugger Jacket is, in fact, that it can perfectly complement the New Noto: worn underneath, this jacket acts as a warmer and therefore guarantees additional protection. The result is therefore a high-performance two-layer jacket that can offer complete protection for the body, without hindering movement. 

The natural approach taken by these two items to team up and work together has led Slam to opt for a special purchase option; rather than separately, the New Noto Jacket and the Lugger Jacket can be bought together for a special price: from a total of € 490 to just € 349 all-in, for a 2-in-1 jacket offering high technical coefficient.