clothing tested by
those who experience the sea
in the flesh.

Those who choose Slam nautical clothing know that
the sea rests in its fibers. Clothing imbued with salt, that plays
a role in nautical history and is able to progress
with it.

Nautical<br>clothing tested by<br>those who experience the sea<br>in the flesh.

As well as conducting scientific research in fabrics and assembly techniques, we test our clothing with athletes. They are the ones who get drenched and can tell us where the best place for the water to escape is, if the sleeve allows for drastic movements to be made, if the cut of the back section helps water to run off, and if the reinforcement is strong but also soft.

The small details are our collections’ strengths, and are found in the taping, the pocket openings, the trimming of the sleeves, the seams that let no water in, and the three layers that provide the insulation needed, making for comfortable and high-performance clothing.

This is clothing tested by those who experience the sea in the flesh. Or, should we say, those who want to avoid experiencing “too much” of it in the flesh. Their feedback is incorporated into our work, helping us to create our collections down to their finest detail.

Matteo Capurro is one of our Olympic athletes who has recently tested the neoprene at the 2018 CICO, the Italian Olympic Class Championships, in Genoa. When Matteo gives us his stamp of approval, we can say that we have (nearly) reached perfection.

Aesthetic appeal however goes hand in hand with technology, and Slam has revolutionized and brought innovation to this area with technical fabrics, but also with fresh styles and cuts. This is also a matter of training.

Slam items are also loved by women too. One of these women is Alice Linussi, one of the best Olympic athletes there is, who just loves the elements of the technical clothing: the mechanical stretch fabric, the rip stop fabric, the rubber-coated stitching...

Life on the seas for these athletes is not easy: as well as the physical toils, they have to also overcome adverse weather conditions. A well-stitched seam can prevent air and water from getting in, which can therefore make all the difference.

The athletes’ meticulous nature, combined with our preparation, allow us to always pinpoint the next innovative step ahead and to continue working on the clothing, working with those who wear it on a daily basis.

We never lose sight of femininity, because in sailing the female to male ratio is not terribly weak, as proven by Alice Linussi. There is the tendency to think that femininity and comfort cannot be reconciled in competition. That could not be further from the truth.

Often, it is difficult to get all of the unique features of Slam clothing across to those who wear it. But then the results do the talking.

Our athletes agree about the professional level and high performance of our technical clothing lines. It is just Alice that asks us to make an extra effort in making a women’s neoprene line. Don’t worry Alice, we are working on it!