Martina Orsini, a focus
on the sea

Sailing photographer and reporter, Martina tells us
how she sees the world through her lens
of love for travel, water and adventure.

Martina Orsini, a focus<br>on the sea

Daughter of a pilot and a flight assistant, Martina Orsini has travel in her DNA. But rather than fly like her parents, Martina immediately opted for a different element: the sea. Even as a young child, travelling around the world with them, she felt a natural attraction to the sea, coupled with a love for the discovery of fascinating worlds and cultures. But the more she travelled, the more Martina felt the need to somehow capture what she was seeing; and this was what led her parents to give her a portable film machine: since then, she has never stopped taking pictures, combining her passion for the sea with that for photography and transforming it into a profession that excites and surprises her every single day.
“It was travel that drove me to approach photography, initially as the exploration of places and thereafter as discovery in itself”.
Martina Orsini, a focus<br>on the sea