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Men’s polo shirt in 100% cotton piquet Nilit Breeze. Breathable, protects from UV rays. Extremely lightweight, it dries in an instant. Slam ® technology for polo shirts.
  • LightweightLightweight

    Extremely lightweight fabric that enables maximum body breathability.

  • NILITᆴ BreezeNILITᆴ Breeze

    NILIT® BreezeNILIT® Breeze

    Nilit Breeze is an innovative fiber that, with a unique cooling effect and an ultra soft hand feel, helps to maintain a comfortable body temperature during/after physical performance, as well as in hot weather. The use of a special polymer creates a soft touch, and provides superior ventilation.

  • UV ProtectionUV Protection

    A fabric gives UV PROTECTION when its degree of protection against the harmful effects of ultraviolet rays is greater than 30 UPF. This UV protection is achieved thanks to the special construction of the fabric or the use of super-matte microfibers with a titanium-based UV filter incorporated in the yarn .

  • Quick DryingQuick Drying

    A product that dries very quickly thanks to the fabric and design.

  • BreathableBreathable

    A breathable fabric allows the perspiration produced by physical activity to pass through it. The breathable nature of the fabric promotes biological breathability which allows body moisture to be expelled easily, thereby decreasing condensation from perspiration, increasing comfort. A breathable fabric measures the water vapor, expressed in grams, that crosses an area of 1 square meter in 24 hours (g/m2-day).

  • Do not bleach
  • Dry clean
  • Do not tumble dry
100% polyester
  • Do not bleachDo not bleach
  • Dry cleanDry clean
  • Do not tumble dryDo not tumble dry
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