Cleanup fights sea pollution in Liguria

Cleanup fights sea pollution in Liguria
I am. Not only people, but places and concrete actions.

The AMP CleanUp project, which was started in 2017 by Outdoor Portofino and proudly supported by Slam and the Marine Protected Area Authority of Portofino, was immediately incredibly successful. After two cleaning operations in the fall and spring, we got into the water again.

Where do we start today? With 10 friends who made a commitment, with 6 kayaks and Cala dell'Oro integral natural reserve in Liguria. Cala dell'Oro is a natural area that cannot be entered by swimming, boat or canoe. The idea behind CleanUp is to get to difficult locations - that can be reached only by sea in kayaks - and land at the toughest points.

It's a mission: few people are capable of handling these spaces, which is why we have selected a tight-knit team of highly competent people. The last one took place in two stages: first we cleaned the sea and collected the trash in the Portofino protected area, in the stretch of coast at Camogli, Niasca and the Bay of Paraggi. Thanks to a special permission to access areas that the public is not allowed to enter, sometimes totally off-limits like Cala dell'Oro, the kayakers collected the trash directly from the sea and also by climbing the coastline.

All items and trash that shouldn't be there: cisterns, grates, buoys, balls, fiberglass, plastic bottles, cans, shoes and more. An accumulation of so much, too much, plastic in the sea that is extremely hazardous for the ecosystem and difficult to dispose of.
After landing, the trash was sorted. Some of it went to landfills and some was used to start the second stage of the project: an environmental education workshop for children and families to teach them the value of our environment and, above all, to raise awareness about recovering and protecting the sea.

During the VELAFestival in Santa Margherita Ligure, we asked children to share ideas and daily actions to improve their impact on nature and the generation of waste. And also to identify themselves with different marine species, face to face with trash: like Matilde, the sea turtle that eats a plastic bag mistaking it for its favorite food - jellyfish. In the creative workshops, useful items were made from what we usually call "waste", but which can be given a new life. This is the case of the sculpture created by some artists from material recovered during the previous editions of AMP CleanUp.

For us, at Slam, which is the outcome of a passion for the deep blue sea, every day of the year should be World Oceans Day.