Azzurra, a yacht
that needs
no introduction.

Slam is the official sponsor of the Azzurra team. The
Wind-D line: on champions from head to foot.

Azzurra, a yacht<br>that needs<br>no introduction.

A name in the hearts of enthusiasts, a 16-meter yacht in the Transpac 52 international class. On board, passion rides every wave, it’s in every achievement, in the gusts of wind, salt on the skin, in competitions, performance, and in team spirit. Because victory lies in the blue sea, and achieving it requires that sense of purpose that only champions possess.

This is why Slam supports Azzurra’s Italian-Argentine team. The crew competes wearing technical nautical apparel and the Wind-D technical shoe. This shoe has a lightweight sole with drainage, a robust seal and fabric that works best when wet.

The Wind-D boat shoe has unique characteristics of lightness, grip and drainage. The innovative weave is in nylon: if it gets soaked, it dries quickly. It has a rubber sole and does not slip on the wet, because grip on board is essential: you move quickly and you can’t afford to take any risks! It is also non-marking, essential to avoid scuffing the deck.

It is very light thanks to phyton, a fine, anti-shock and flexible material. "We added the drainage part," explained Lorenzo Cogo - the Vibram designer with whom Slam collaborated on the creation of the sole - "holes that let water out”. This is an advantage in terms of breathability, but it is also essential when the shoe fills with water, allowing it to dry more quickly so that the feet do not stay soaking wet.

On July 21, Azzurra almost won the World Championship, coming in second only to Quantum, on the most competitive circuit for keel boats: the Rolex TP52 World Championship, Cascais, Portugal. A fresh breeze of up to 25 knots, the excitement of gliding across the water and a first place missed by a whisker. A head-to-head, with the entire team kitted out in Wind-D: because you are born an athlete but become a champion thanks also to the technology that supports and accompanies every result.