About us

About us

Discover the story of SLAM, from its birth in Genoa’s shadowy back streets to its modern evolution thanks to the collaboration with great Olympic champions.

Genoa is salt, Genoa is sun.

Genoa is salt, Genoa is sun. Genoa is thousands of years of history. It is the storm in your soul, it is the wind in your bones, it is the spirit that fills your sails. Genoa is a passion for that sea that never ceases to ebb and flow. Genoa is a one-of-a-kind place.

Slam was created out of Genoa’s thriving street life by four friends who had always shared a passion for the sea. Young guys who decided to make the ocean wearable and not only on a yacht.

It’s 1979 and Pink Floyd have released The Wall, the Voyager probe has let us see Jupiter and its rings for the first time. And in Genoa, Slam has found its essentialness, the sea in its veins, its origin evoking their labors with a dash of salt.

Slam comes from a Mediterranean cradle but also from the physicality of great champions. Olympic champions who have made the ocean their source of vitality. Tested by sportspersons, Slam offers sailing-inspired technical apparel and sportswear to be worn also on terra firma. Iconic clothes that have always been a part of life at sea and the totally Italian vocation for epic voyages, sailing and sport.

Being in partnership with Olympic sportspersons enables us to produce genuine clothes with something extra. What makes the difference is the commitment, effort and emotion that can be read on the faces of those who rise at dawn to start their duel with the sea, wind, the salty air that stings the eyes.

The contribution by those wearing those clothes, in such extreme conditions, is essential to understand the needs of people who truly live the sea. Slam is a distillation of real values that places people in the center, regardless of whether they are professionals or simply love the sea. Slam I AM is me, it’s you, it’s my sea and it’s yours, my solo challenge or a joint undertaking, our lifestyles with a common passion that’s as big as the sea.

Looking ahead but also looking back at the miles we have traveled, (because) the real race happens within us. So here are the high-performance sportswear technologies and innovative technical fabrics that keep sight on the horizon. Because that’s where we are going together with our collections. Pro, Crew, SlamArt ... every garment has something special to say, something technical to demonstrate, something innovative to test.

Double layers, thermo-taped seams, reflective logos, high tech begins with fabrics and treatments, expanding further to include boundless seas. Because you’ll find Slam where there is no border between yourself and the water and also where the sea departs from the shore. The important thing is to be present, always. That’s why Slam I AM is the personified ocean: it’s me, it's you, it's a change of tack, it’s being smacked by the wind.

A dream come true.
Basilica delle Vigne, Genoa – SLAM