The Foil Collection

State-of-the-art materials tested by professional sailors

DRYARN ® – Polypropylene, the lightest fibre

Dryarn® is an innovative polypropylene microfibre and the lightest in existence, as well as being water-repellent, breathable, bacteriostatic, and dermatologically tested. This makes Dryarn® ideal for technical sports clothing, as the fiber ensures optimal physical comfort, even in the event of frequent and sudden changes in weather. It is the lightest fiber in existence, due to its low specific weight, and can therefore be used to manufacture extremely lightweight clothing. This lightness, combined with higher thermal insulation than wool, means that fewer and lighter layers of clothing can be worn, allowing greater freedom of movement, correct perspiration, and thermoregulation. This is because the “natural” features of Dryarn® make it breathable and allow perspiration to be transferred to the outside and keep the skin dry. It is also a quick-drying and thermoregulating material.

DERMIZAX ®Waterproof Breathable Fabric

This is a highly waterproof and breathable three-layer fabric.   The outer layer is in extremely resistant 100% nylon but still has a pleasant natural feel. The Dermizax HB “hybrid” membrane combines the benefits of microporous membranes with those of solid ones, for premium-level performance. The features are designed specifically for sailing, including the extreme waterproofing (a water column of over 30,000 mm), breathability to condensation of over 8,000 g/m2/24, and maintaining of performance over time, even in conditions as difficult as those of the open sea The fabric has special finishes for a long-lasting water-repellent effect and has been dyed with professional dyes to guarantee high light fastness.

MAXALIENTO ® (Maxland)

This is a two-layer fabric, with an outer layer in 100% recycled polyester with a flat, resistant and compact surface, with excellent resistance to pilling and abrasion, manufactured using a “naturally” elastic polyester yarn on the weave, which gives it a “mechanical elasticity”. The inside is laminated with a technically high-performance and extremely waterproof and breathable hydrophilic membrane. The TPU membrane has a water column of 10,000 mm and breathability of 10,000 g/m2/24h and gives the fabric a softer feel. The PU (waxed) membrane has a water column of 15,000mm and breathability of 15,000 g/m2/24h and optimal resistance to high temperatures  The outer fabric is treated with a long-lasting water-repellent finish (DWR) that is sustainable and PFC-free. These features allow rainwater to slide off the surface of the fabric without impregnating it, while body water vapour is channelled towards the outside through the membrane, thus maintaining the body in optimal conditions during sporting activities. The outer fabric is treated with a long-lasting water-repellent finish (DWR) that is sustainable because it is PFC-free.


Polartec® Alpha® is the latest evolution in the synthetic insulation sector and has been created to have a greater level of insulation for the sudden and extreme temperature changes that occur in stop & go conditions of physical activity. Alpha® is “active” padding created to produce constant heat and simultaneously allow greater breathability during physical activity, as it adjusts comfort in changing conditions. It is extremely resistant and stable, allowing it to be combined with fabrics that have more open constructions, such as meshes, thus creating air-permeable clothing. This air exchange technology creates long-lasting and constant comfort, as the airflow circulates inside the fabric and therefore rapidly removes body humidity, making Polartec® Alpha® perfect for a broader range of sporting activities than traditional insulation. It offers an extraordinary combination of heat, lightness, and breathability, with an extra-soft feel and doubles the breathable effect. The drying times are also 60% faster than other insulating materials. It actively releases excess body heat before this creates “saturation” and therefore perspiration and discomfort. It is formed by 55% of recycled fibers.

GRAFENE – The material that will change the future

Graphene is considered to be one of the most innovative materials around and is formed of a single layer of carbon atoms that arrange naturally into a honeycomb shape, giving it the thickness of the atom and the hardness of a diamond. Its principal features include the ability to absorb, dissipate and distribute heat, ensuring excellent thermoregulation and thus keeping the body temperature constant over time, avoiding the sudden changes in temperature caused by outside temperatures and physical exertion. It is the perfect material for adaptive clothing that maintains heat when it is cold and guarantees the right temperature in hot climates. As it is also an excellent electrical conductor, the graphene used in clothing has antistatic properties, avoiding the accumulation of static on the fabrics and making them more resistant to wear and tear and washes, which increases their life cycle. The unusual and unique structure of graphene obstructs the proliferation of bacteria, fungi, and odors, so it is also a natural antibacterial product and does not cause allergies.

PONTETORTO – Recycled Technostretch & Technopile

The Technostretch line created by Pontetorto is the response to the need for fabrics with a highly elastic outer layer and a high technical insulation coefficient, as well as a technical appearance. It is a jersey fabric formed of a smooth and abrasion-resistant outer side, with a highly technical look, and a fleece and heat-retaining inner side. An elastomeric fiber between the two layers makes the fabric extremely comfortable. The perfect combination of the fabric density and the thickness of the fleece creates a lightweight, soft and breathable fabric that has high thermal power and is extremely resistant to wear and tear, as well as being easy to care for and quick drying The Recycled Technopile line created by Pontetorto uses polyester fibers obtained by recycling discarded PET bottles to manufacture technical fleeces.