3 technical men’s jackets designed especially for regattas (and other sports!)

In the last ten years, technological progress in sports clothing - and in particular technical jackets - has been huge. Thanks to this, which is the result of massive investments made in research and development, we can now enjoy this sport even more intensively and comfortably; and almost forget the problems we used to have not so long ago. These increasingly efficient clothes ultimately offer great help by putting us in the best possible place to take part in and/or fight with and win over the sea. Today’s technical jackets allow us great freedom of movements, shielding us from the elements yet allowing our bodies to “breathe”, keeping us dry, covering us and protecting us where most we need it... all this weighing virtually nothing!  
Let’s now take a look at 3 of our best men's technical jackets
Made with an elastic ripstop fabric, this technical jacket flaunting high quality finishes has all the adaptability, resistance and comfort to cope with the most daring nautical manoeuvres. It offers protection and comfort at all times. The MaxAliento technology makes it waterproof, but also breathable; its cuffs and lower part are adjustable and the neon yellow retractable hood is high visibility, ensuring safety when conditions are poor.  
It is a sailing jacket but one that is ultra-versatile, perfect for facing the elements in regattas but equally suitable for use in everyday, urban life (which is just as hostile at times!). 
This 100% nylon rubber technical jacket is perfect for professionals and amateurs in coastal regattas. The innovative Toray 2.75L technology with 3D protective moulding of the membrane makes it both waterproof and breathable. It does not even need lining to offer maximum comfort, making it even lighter. And you can really go hard at it in the final leg, forgetting everything else around you, as this jacket forms one with your body. And, moreover, thanks to the water-repellent treatment, it stays waterproof for a long time (even after multiple washes).  
It also features heat-sealed seams, ergonomic fitting with adjustable cuffs and bottom, neck protector and fluorescent yellow retractable hood, as well as reflective patches. Because here at Slam, we care about your overall well-being, your comfort, your peace of mind and, of course, your safety. 
This waterproof, thermal jacket is a real hit! Tested and approved by great athletes during the scientific research process on its fabric and performance. And they are right: it is a revolutionary, hybrid article, wind- and wave-proof, perfect for coping with intense climate conditions.  
Flaunting a minimalist design, it is ultra-thin but offers great protection. The front part has a special drop-proof, wind-breaking membrane; the back combines an exceptional, environmentally-sustainable fibre - NILIT Heat - made in Italy. It is therefore an environmentally-friendly material, which makes intelligent use of the natural surpluses by integrating “coffee chaff” (obtained from the bean husks) into the nylon fibre. It is heat-regulating and bacteriostatic from the start to the end of physical activity; on the one hand, it mitigates body temperature, capturing and conserving the heat naturally given off; on the other, thanks to its anti-bacterial properties, it has a deodorising effect, giving a sensation of being free from sweat.  
And as if this alone were not enough, its seamless tailoring makes it perfectly ergonomic, allowing for rapid, agile movements without irritation. There will be a before and an after this technical jacket!