Sailing Shoes

SLAM's sailing shoes are the perfect ally for the sea. Combining advanced technology and refined design, they are ideal for those seeking performance and style.

Performance and Style at Sea

Our boat shoes are designed for the most passionate sailors. With a non-slip sole and high-quality leather, they offer perfect grip on the deck and maximum comfort. Suitable for the sea, as well as for a sporty look ashore.

Advanced Technology for Every Adventure

Each shoe is a masterpiece of technology and design. Our collaboration with Vibram ensures soles designed for a secure grip, while reinforcements in strategic points provide protection and durability. The versatility of our shoes makes them suitable for both days on the boat and leisure time, with an aesthetic that evokes the spirit of the sea.

Choose Your Style at Sea

SLAM's sailing shoes are more than an accessory: they are a statement of style and passion. Perfect for the modern adventurer, they offer the ideal combination of functionality and aesthetics.