Sailing Jackets

SLAM Sailing Jackets combine style and functionality. Designed to offer comfort and protection, they are ideal for sailing enthusiasts, explorers, and athletes.

Technology and Design for Explorers

SLAM Sailing Jackets are designed for lovers of discovery. Each jacket, such as the "Active Winter Hooded Short Jacket" and the "Active Summer Hooded Short Jacket", perfectly blends advanced technology and style, ensuring protection in all weather conditions. Ideal for sailing lovers, but also for life in the mountains or the city.

Top Performance for Adventurers

For those who live sailing as a continuous adventure, our jackets are the ideal companion. For example, the ""Crew Hooded Jacket"" offers unparalleled protection against wind and rain, with a comfortable fit that does not limit movement. Perfect for always being ready for any adventure, at sea or on land.

Comfort and Versatility for Sports and Fun

Our jackets, like the "Act Packlite Jacket" and the "Dock Winter Short Jacket," combine lightness and protection, being easy to carry and ready for any condition. This versatility makes them ideal not only for sailors but also for those seeking a comfortable and stylish garment for any occasion."