Sailing Hats

Sailing demands protection and style, which are key in our sailing hats. Featuring advanced technical fabrics and designs tailored for the modern sailor, each hat and cap is a blend of functionality and fashion.

Protection and comfort at sea

Our sailing caps are made for those who spend their days at the helm or simply enjoy relaxing on board. Water-repellent technology combined with breathability ensures lasting comfort, while the wide brims offer UPF 50+ sun protection essential for any outing at sea.

Style and functionality combined

It's not just about protection, it's also about style. With a stylish and practical design, our sailing hats fit perfectly with both technical clothing and casual looks. Details such as the adjustable strap and windproof cord ensure that the hat stays in place, even when the wind picks up.

Technology and Resistance

The sea puts all products to the test and our hats are no exception. Built to withstand the elements and the test of time, these accessories are reliable companions for every sea adventurer. From the Brimmed Hat to the Tech Cap, each model is an indispensable ally of your nautical equipment.