Men's Sailing Jackets

Our men's sailing jackets are the pinnacle of innovation and style. Designed for the modern sailor, they offer protection, comfort, and versatility both at sea and on land.

Advanced Technology for the Modern Sailor

Our Active Hooded Insulated Jacket is the perfect ally for every sailor. Made with 100% recycled 2Layer fabric and thermoregulating padding, it provides complete protection from cold and moisture. The adjustable hood and sleeves with double lycra cuff ensure optimal insulation in any weather condition.

Comfort and Style in Every Adventure

The Active Summer Hooded Short Jacket combines lightness and breathability with waterproofness. Its stretchy design and comfortable sleeve cut allow freedom of movement, ideal for the most dynamic roles on the boat. Stylish and functional, it's suitable for days at sea as well as urban adventures.

Versatility for Every Condition

The Crew Hooded Jacket stands out for its versatility. Made of TPU fabric with a hydrophilic membrane, it's lightweight yet sturdy, offering protection in any situation. Its ergonomic design and 2Way stretch fabric ensure comfort and freedom of movement, making it an essential part of every sailor's wardrobe.