69F international
regattas in Sferracavallo

69F international <br>regattas in Sferracavallo

In the spectacle of the Gulf of Sferracavallo, in Sicily, last November (from 12 to 14) 6 extraordinarily fast boats, Persico69F type, challenged each other. 18 sailors, divided into 6 teams, participated in the SF Foil Cup 2021, organized by the Circolo Velico Sferracavallo; the event has all the credentials to establish itself as a fixed sailing appointment in the Sicilian territory and to aim even higher. In fact, it is not a question of organizing a pure international regatta, we want to think bigger: a unique event that can become an attraction for the area, integrating cultural initiatives and the beauty of the island with high-level sporting competitions.

Sferracavallo is an international sailing pole for this newly born class: with two engaging competition formats and the creation of the brand, 69F can now offer itself to enthusiasts and not only with a calendar of 100 days of regattas per year; the United States is already a reality, but fruitful collaborations in Asia, Africa and Oceania are just around the corner.

Slam was nominated sponsor of the event, which was promoted by Francesco (Checco) Bruni, helmsman of Luna Rossa Prada Pirelli.


Team of the 69F International Regattas in Sferracavallo

Here's how the teams participating in this extraordinary event were composed:


Dylan Fletcher
Stuart Bithell
Jacopo Plazzi Marzotto


Tamara Echegoyen
Margherita Zanuso
Paula Barceló


Phil Robertson
Neil Hunter
Umberto Molineris


Checco Bruni
Lorenzo Bianchini
Pierluigi de Felice


Ruggero Tita
Lorenzo Franceschini
Simone Salvà

Team DUTCHSAIL - Janssen de Jong

Cas Van Dongen 
Scipio Houtman 
Ismene Usman 

The 6 teams competed in turn on board of each of the six very fast Persico 69F, with a draw for the assignment.

First day of the 69F International Regattas in Sferracavallo

The unexpected wind of about 10 knots welcomed the great talents of the world sailing on the first day of racing, with intense challenges that have outlined the ranking as follows: in first place the young DutchSail Team; second place for the team of Phil Roberston, Neil Hunter and Umberto Molineris. The team of sporting director Checco Bruni follows; Ruggero Tita's team ranks fourth, while Tamara Echegoyen's team and Dylan Fletcher's team are tied for fifth place.

Second day of the 69F International Regattas in Sferracavallo

Second place for Team Dutch Sail, which ends the second day of racing with 37.5 points, followed by Team Bruni with 33.5 points, Team Fletcher with 30.5 points and Team Echegoyen with 17 points. Team Tita closes the ranking with 14.5 points.

Match Race of the 69F International Regattas in Sferracavallo

The SF FOIL CUP 2021 - 69F PRO CUP ends with the success of the Dutch team DutchSail - Janssen de Jong, the absolute rulers on the very fast Persico 69F. The last appointment of the event confirms another day of great sailing: the weather conditions are optimal and all the tests took place according to the schedule.