Slam presents its Spring-Summer 2018 preview collection at Pitti.
All those visiting Slam’s booth will receive a graphically designed poster and a Ianua Key: a key holder named after what the city was called in ancient times. The key holder was designed like a figure-eight knot (known in heraldry as a Savoy knot) and a sheet featuring the latest Slam colours.
June, 13 - 2017
Slam presents its Spring-Summer 2018 preview collection at Pitti.
Slam is presenting a sneak preview of its Spring-Summer 2018 lifestyle collection at Pitti Immagine Uomo 92.
The collection was inspired by iconic nautical wear and created with superior-comfort technical fabrics for the purpose of introducing the world of sailing to the city.
The concept of the booth represents the brand’s values: the culture of the sea and sailing, the importance of technology and innovation that stretch beyond our origin, Genoa. The booth area is outfitted with elements that showcase technology in foil and the new line in neoprene, Skiff Line 18, currently under development and experimentation to be tested during the four worldwide stages of The Foiling Week Global Tour which Slam is sponsoring.

For the occasion of the 92nd edition of Pitti Uomo, Slam is also introducing a project that was carried out in collaboration with the Genoa native artist Alice Passadore, who has returned to her home city after extensive training and noteworthy experiences abroad. The central figures of her works are the Genoese landscapes which - along with graphic elements, lines and “signs” of the city – express the close ties that Slam has with the history and culture of Zena (as the city is called in Genoese dialect, Editor’s Note)